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Donny & Sandy Ball's Bayside School Services offers the best do-it-yourself standardized achievement tests. Our services are available all year long.

As graduated homeschooling parents and test providers for more than 25 years, we know how important fair prices, easy ordering, accurate order processing, and detailed reporting can be.

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The nationally standardized achievement test series we offer is the McGraw-Hill Education's TerraNova. The newer CAT/6 TerraNova 2nd Edition, published in 2000, with updated 2005 norms, adds to the testing lineup that includes the original CTBS TerraNova 1st Edition.

We also offer the Test of Cognitive Skills, 2nd Edition (TCS/2), which is an aptitude, or IQ test.

Bayside's prices for the CAT/6 TerraNova2 and TCS/2 include the publisher-recommended test familiarization practice exercises. All test prices include Priority Mail postage to you.

Even more important, the CAT/6 TerraNova2 is scored by McGraw-Hill Education, the test publisher, which provides you with the most comprehensive test report possible.

When you order from Bayside you get all of these benefits!

Over 25 Years Experience Supplying Tests Worldwide
(missionary and expat families count on us)
Clear Instructions That Make Testing Simple
Do-It-Yourself Convenience
Easy Ordering All Year Long
Fair Prices
Accurate Order Processing
Original Publisher Materials
Free Publisher Recommended Practice Exercises
  (for TerraNova2 Grades K-8 and all TCS/2)
Genuine McGraw-Hill Education Scoring
Timely Reports Include Stanines & Percentiles

Questions or problems with ordering or testing?
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